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Oct. 03, 2012

New Tools, Technology and Supplies Pavilion at 2013 AGTA GemFair™ Tucson
GemFair is the Ultimate Destination for any Buyers of Fine Gemstones, Jewelry, Tools and Technology! The American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) is pleased to announce the new Tools, Technology and Supplies (TTS) Pavilion at the 2013 AGTA GemFair™ Tucson. This pavilion is dedicated to all aspects of jewelry manufacturing and repair. The TTS Pavilion will be open Tuesday, February 5th through Friday, February 8th from 9:30a.m. - 6:00p.m. MORE

Opportunity Sparkles in the Business of Bling
GIA - AGTA Member
GIA's Jewelry Career Fair - the industry's preeminent recruiting event. Industry experts including GIA's president and CEO Donna Baker, Erica Courtney of Erica Courtney Inc., celebrity stylist George Blodwell, designer Martin Katz, Kathryn Ramirez, group director of Tiffany & Co., Discovery Channel featured personality Jordan Tabach-Bank, Luxury Brand Group CEO Frank Proctor and more will speak about careers in jewelry, jewelry trends and job success in today's market. MORE

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Genuine Zultanite

Genuine Zultanite is recovered with ethical mining techniques with safe procedures that protect the ecosystem: Water sources from chemicals, debris, rubbish, silt and other pollutants; minimize the destruction of flora and fauna; restore mined land as close as possible to its original condition and strongly oppose unfair labor practices by paying our employees well and provide safe working environments. For more information go to

The Roskin Gem News Report: September 2012 Newsletter
The Roskin Gem News Report - AGTA Member
What we have for you this month:

From the Fancy Color Diamond Market - Pinks are still in the news!
Gemstone University - There's always time to learn more about our business
Upcoming Gem Shows - Potential market highlights ahead
From the Laboratory - A few changes within the walls of the professional gem labs
And from the Estate Jewelry Department - "This is how you write it"
… And A Contest You shouldn't miss! MORE

The Brooch is Back
Oscar Heyman - AGTA Member
A decorative jewelry item or ornament in various forms designed to be attached to garments; formerly worn by men on the hat, now worn at the breast by women…
This season, the brooch is beloved, appearing in all forms from demure to bold across the runways in New York and Europe.

Bremer Jewelry: Family, Passion, and Relationships
When Ronda Daily, president of AGTA Member Bremer Jewelry, a two-store jewelry company based in central Illinois, says, "Our business is based on family," she's not kidding. Her staff of 30 are her family, and her husband Craig (vice-president) and daughter Ashley (marketing) are part of that total. "We have fantastic employees and we like to believe that we make them feel like family and so they act like family with our guests. MORE

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agta eprism

Fancy Colored Diamonds from Sparkles and Colors
Sparkles and Colors / Lakhi Gems Group specializes in diamonds and fancy colored diamonds in a broad array of sizes and colors.  Fine quality diamonds in rose cuts, old mine cuts and fancy cuts are available in singles, matched pairs and layouts, so you can meet all of your customers' needs!


Amethyst for Fall and Winter 2012-13
Deleuse Jewelers - AGTA Member
There is an Italian superstition dating back to medieval times that forbids one from wearing purple gowns and jewels to theatre and film openings. But this does not stop it from finding its way onto the red carpet in the rest of the world. Many divas like Natalie Portman and Diane Kruger can't do without it. Mermaid dresses with amethyst parure are always found 'on stage' at film festivals. MORE

Trendwatch: Green Giants
Contemporary Jewelry Design Group - AGTA Member
Jewelry created with recycled metals and/or sustainable gems. Extraordinary jewelry by exceptional designers Zoltan David, Alexandra Hart, Chris Nelson/Urban Armour, Barbara Heinrich, Jenny Reeves, and Just Jules. MORE

Celebrity Jewelry Gawk™ - Enchanting earrings
With fancy up-dos and elegant gowns, celebrity fashion lends itself to earrings, so it's no surprise the category is a major one when it comes to red carpet events, more premieres and film festivals. Chandelier and long drop-style pieces are still a popular trend, with many stars opting for colored gemstones or earrings laden with diamonds. MORE

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Jewelers For Children Elects 10 Directors to Board
Rapaport Diamond Report - AGTA Member
Jewelers for Children (JFC) appointed ten new directors to serve a three-year term on its board as of October 1, 2012.
The new directors will serve on JFC committees and assist in fundraising and program development.

Social Media Time Management: Tips for the Chronically Crunched
Social Media Delivered
The beauty of social media is that it connects all of us lightening-fast. Write a mind blowing Tweet? Chances are good replies and retweets will start flowing in fairly rapidly. It's pretty rewarding to see instant responses and lots of pingbacks in a very short amount of time. MORE

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Step inside the Diamond Council Reading Room!

The Diamond Council of America invites AGTA members to visit our online Reading Room, which features a library of articles, videos and other resources to help your business thrive.

IGI, the Standard
of Excellence
in Gemology
since 1975

IGI, a worldwide gemological laboratory, providing objective and accurate grading, identification and appraisal reports for gemstones and fine jewelry along with laser inscription and educational courses

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