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Apr 3, 2013

Visit the AGTA Colored Gemstone Pavilion at the Smart Show Chicago
The Smart Show, at Chicago's famous Navy Pier, April 13-15, 2013, will feature an AGTA Pavilion filled with loose colored gemstones and cultured pearls. All exhibitors within the Pavilion are AGTA Members, which means that you can shop with confidence, knowing that they all have been vetted by the American Gem Trade Association.MORE

Greenland: Faltering Facets and Blacklight Fever
Pala International - AGTA Member
Last summer an unusual phenomenon occurred in Greenland. As reported by NASA, on July 12 three satellites determined that almost the entire surface of Greenland's ice sheet experienced thawing at or near the surface-estimated at 97 percent. This is remarkable because just four days before, on July 8, the satellites noted a 40-percent melt rate.MORE

These two exceptional rings with Zultanite gemstones were designed by David Hrubec. David was born in one of Europe's nurseries of art: In the ancient city of Prague. The Zultanite gems were cut by award winning cutters, brothers Ralph and Rudi Wobito from Ontario, Canada.
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Is the neighbor's diamond greener?
GemeWizard - AGTA Member
Green diamonds are considered very rare. Their color is mainly caused by irradiation defects or very high visible green UV fluorescence. Two different shades of green are observed: a moss-like green, which is mainly seen in gems with a yellow or a brown tint; and a neon-like green, seen in gems with a blue tint. The existence of these shades can affect the price dramatically, positively or negatively. MORE

Amateur with metal detector finds 1,600-year-old royal ring
Fox News
Did this intricate piece of sapphire, gold and glass belong to the King of France, some 1,600 years ago? A group of archaeologist met at the Yorkshire Museum in England last week to discuss the Escrick Ring, an intricately worked gold ring surrounding a brilliant blue sapphire discovered in 2009 by an amateur metal-detector enthusiast. MORE

As Ethiopian gemstone revenues rise, government looks to limit exports of rough
FairGemsProcess - LinkedIn
Quietly and under the radar, Ethiopia appears to be developing into a significant force in the gemstone industry. Speaking last month, Ato Tollosa Shagi of the country's Ministry of Mines reported that over a six-month period the country had earned $288 million from the export of gemstones. MORE

Bayco to unveil 'mind-boggling' gem in Basel
National Jeweler
Bayco Jewels, a New York-based company, said it will be revealing "one of the most precious gemstones to ever exist" at Baselworld this year but is staying mum on the details until the gem's scheduled presentation on April 25. Bayco said that its claim is validated by the stone's Gem Portrait monograph from the Lucerne, Switzerland-based Gübelin Gem Laboratory. The Gem Portrait is a leather-bound book produced only for gems rated as "exceptional" by all senior gemologists on the Gübelin staff. MORE

LinkedIn Boosts Its Search: What You Should Know
Association Now
LinkedIn's already having a banner year—but thanks to a new feature on its service, it could become an even more valuable tool for associations. In recent months, its largest competitor, Facebook, has launched a new Graph Search feature, which has drawn attention for its ability to do extremely targeted searches. While LinkedIn's search isn't nearly as groundbreaking as Facebook's product (which is still in the long process of rolling out), it nonetheless adds an extra level of usefulness to a service that's increasingly near the top of the social media heap for many associations. MORE

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