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May 22, 2013

Buy from Trusted AGTA Members at this Year's JCK Show!
AGTA GemFair in Las Vegas brings together the best colored gemstone and cultured pearl dealers in the industry. Buying from an AGTA Member leads to buying colored gemstones with confidence. All of our Exhibitors are AGTA Members, which means that you can shop for colored gemstones and cultured pearls confidently, with every Member adhering to the highest business ethics in the industry! So come visit the AGTA Pavilion at the JCK Show May 30th - June 3rd! MORE

2013 PRISM Volume II
The second volume of AGTA's Prism magazine was released Monday! The success of the quarterly magazine continues to grow! The exciting new content in each publication is enticing readers and the magazine is flying off the shelves. Don't miss out on your chance to flip through the pages of Volume II! If you do not receive your issue of Prism in the mail, please call 800-972-1162 or visit us at AGTA Booth #122 at the JCK Show. MORE

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Bring it to Life with high quality single stones, matched pairs, and suites from Gem 2000.

Offering you beautiful; Rubellite, pink, blue green, sea foam, mint green, green and Chrome Tourmalines from Brazil, Afghanistan, Nigeria, and East Africa. A great selection of single and matched pairs in well cut, vibrant colors. For over 27 years, Gem 2000 has been importing fine gems from all world sources in a large range of materials, offering exceptional service and expertise to our customers.


AGTA Member and Industry Great Joseph Tenhagen Passes Away
The Miami Herald
Long time AGTA Member, Joseph Tenhagen passed away at his home on April 27, 2013, at the age of 79. He left behind wife, Mary C. Tenhagen, married 33 years. He is also survived by one son, Tom, two grandchildren, Beverly and Joey, sister Karen. Business: President Tenhagen Gemological Laboratory, and Joseph W. Tenhagen Appraisals, Inc., Grading and Appraisal of Gemstones and Jewlery, Independant Appraiser. MORE

Secret Rocks
Wall Street Journal
To hear Richard Hughes tell it, the journey was like something straight out of "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom." One of the world's leading modern-day gem hunters, he was hell-bent on reaching the fabled jade mines of upper Myanmar-a jungle redoubt so remote and closely guarded that few living Westerners have ever laid eyes on it. Before he could get close, he had to spend months ahead of his trip convincing Myanmar's secretive military, which controlled access to the country's mines, to let him in. Then he had to navigate some of the most punishing, malaria-ridden terrain east of the Congo, capped by a grueling climb along a dirt road his handlers said would only take seven hours to ascend. MORE

Sotheby's Auction Sets New Record for Natural Pearl & Diamond Earrings
Pala International, Inc - AGTA Member
Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida's jewelry collection was the highlight at the Sotheby's auction in Geneva on May 14, when her Bulgari natural pearl and diamond earrings sold for a record-setting $2.3 million. The sale of Gina's earrings, from 1964, topple a previous record set by the queen of jewels herself, Elizabeth Taylor. Taylor's Bulgari natural pearl and diamond earrings sold for $1.98 million back in 2011. Lollobrigida's entire collection was sold for a combined total of $4.96 million. MORE

Pearls: New Documentary Dives Into the History of the Pearl & More
JCK Magazine - AGTA Member
When Taylor Higgins signed on to produce The Journey of the Pearl, a documentary about global pearl farming (including Chinese freshwaters), for the Cultured Pearl Association of America in 2010, he didn’t expect his link to the pearling world to last beyond the film. But just as collectors fall in love with the luster of pearls themselves, Higgins-the co-CEO, writer, director, and producer of Austin, Texas–based On the Reel Productions-was so bewitched by the backstory of pearls that he didn't want the Journey to end... The filmmaker was at the AGTA - GemFair in Tucson to drum up excitement-and, more important, to raise money to finish the film, which needs a $150,000 cash infusion. MORE

Rio Tinto puts largest 'red' diamond on market
Rio Tinto said Friday it was putting up for sale the biggest "red" diamond ever produced by its Australian mine amid an "explosion" in demand from Asia for the rare pink-hued stones. The Argyle Phoenix, a 1.56 carat gem, is one of three red diamonds on offer at the annual Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender -- the first time in the 30-year history of the exclusive sale that it has included three red stones. MORE

Gemfields launches new consumer website
AGTA Member, Gemfields, the world's leading supplier of ethically mined rare coloured gemstones launched its new consumer website, aiming to increase awareness of coloured gemstones globally. The company had recently announced Mila Kunis as its global ambassador. A dedicated URL is provided for the consumer website -, which although will exist alongside the brand's existing corporate website, MORE

Votes Cast for JCK Platinum Innovation Awards at preview day
Platinum Today
Some of the finest examples of platinum jewellery were showcased at Platinum Guild International's recent Spring Jewelry Preview Day. Pieces from designers like Samuel Getz, Erica Courtney, Somos, Suna Brothers, Featherstone, Cara Lichtenstein/My Blue Heaven and Rina Limor were among the highlights. Most importantly, however, the event was a chance for editors who attended to vote in the JCK 2013 Platinum Innovation Awards. MORE

A Flashy Bet for Yahoo on a Shift in Social Media
New York Times
Yahoo's $1.1 billion proposed acquisition of Tumblr is a huge coup for the young founder of the even younger start-up and a splashy move by Marissa Mayer to shake up her company. It also heralds a larger shift in social media. Facebook arguably invented modern social networking, and is still the king. But increasingly its approach is seen as passive and outdated as people flock to sites like Tumblr where they can be more actively engaged in creating personal, expressive content to share - and which could potentially translate to advertising dollars. MORE

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The Diamond Council of America invites AGTA members to visit our online Reading Room, which features a library of articles, videos and other resources to help your business thrive.

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IGI, a worldwide gemological laboratory, providing objective and accurate grading, identification and appraisal reports for gemstones and fine jewelry along with laser inscription and educational courses

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