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March 26, 2014
Arthur in England - Emerald Clarity Enhancement
Roskin Gem News Report - AGTA Member
Arthur Groom is the owner of Eternity Natural Emeralds (AGTA Member), partner in the Clarity Enhancement Laboratory (CEL) in New York, and a retail jeweler in Ridgewood, New Jersey. And he's one of the world's experts in emerald clarity enhancement. We say that not because Eternity Natural Emeralds advertises here in the Roskin Gem News Report (full disclosure), but because Groom has done more for advancing the quality of emerald enhancements and supporting the study of emerald enhancements than any one person in the retail/wholesale trade.... which may well be why he was invited to London to offer a workshop and speak before the general assembly on the subject. MORE

Conflict-free gem sourcing: How jewelry artist Zoltan David ensures his work holds beauty & positive energy
CultureMap Austin
When jewelry artist Zoltan David (AGTA Member) talks about his work, he often references the energy of the pieces he creates. He knows that his work is being given or received as a gift of love, and it's important to him that it holds positive energy. Zoltan's passion and commitment to integrity is something that sets his work apart, and his goal of instilling positive energy into his pieces guides him at every step, starting at the very beginning of his process: gem sourcing.MORE

Mogok Expedition Series, Part 1: The Valley of Rubies
GIA - AGTA Member
There's an old saying that whatever you are doing at the start of the year will reflect on the rest of the year. Hopefully this is true, because for the authors, 2014 truly started out right. The authors spent that time exploring the famed and captivating gemstone areas collectively known as Mogok, or the Mogok Stone Tract. Mogok, located in Myanmar (Burma) is also referred to as the "Valley of Rubies," a name made famous by the novel Mogok, the Valley of Rubies by Joseph Kessel and Stella Rodway.MORE


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Mountz Jewelers Delivers A Truly "Capitol" Retail Experience
The Centurion
AGTA Member, Mountz Jewelers is a family owned and operated business with three locations in central Pennsylvania: Carlisle, Camp Hill, and the Colonial Park section of Harrisburg, the state capitol. But oddly, Mountz Jewelers came to the state capitol, rather than expanding out from it. An American Gem Society member store, the sibling team of Tonia Ulsh, chief operations officer and Ronald M. Leitzel, president and CEO (both, left) oversee the three locales. The Centurion asked Tonia Ulsh about the company.MORE

Sotheby's Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite Spring Sale 2014 To Highlight The Tremendous Trio
Sotheby's Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite Spring Sale 2014 will take place on 7 April at Hall 5, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Following the success of the record-setting 118.28-carat D-Flawless Diamond sold last October, the upcoming sale will be led by the Tremendous Trio - three highly important necklaces representing the ultimate in diamonds, gemstones and jadeite in phenomenal proportions.MORE

Diamond Jewelry Owned By Pope Paul VI On Sale For $1.9 Million
Jewelry News Network
When it comes to provenance, few jewels can compete with items owned by the leader of the worldwide Catholic Church. Then there is the intrinsic value of the 18k gold pectoral cross and platinum ring with more than 75 carats of diamonds once belonging to Pope Paul VI (1963 – 1978). You also need to factor in the strange ownership history which included the United Nations, a world renowned daredevil as well as its last-known public sale, which was on eBay.MORE

A stunning new e book puts Canadian master jewellers in the spotlight for the first time
The Jewellery Editor
Half a century of Canadian fine jewellery is meticulously documented for the first time in a fascinating two-volume retrospective. Masters of Jewellery Design (Volume 1 and 2) by Cora Golden features more than 450 photographs of rarely seen jewellery by 50 talented designers, who have earned commissions from high-profile clients ranging from Pope John Paul II to Uma Thurman. AGTA Spectrum Award™ winners in the book include Gregoré Morin, Llyn Strelau, and Jacob and Julie Buckareff!MORE

Insights: It's All In The Family
Contemporary Jewelry Design Group - AGTA Member
There's something special about the jewelry industry. Jewelry somehow combines the best of old-world traditions with a necessary--albeit sometimes slow--embrace of modern business. Many deals are still concluded with a handshake or a hug, and vendors are likely to know the names of your children or ask about your parents. It feels One big, complicated, messy, imperfect-but-still-beautiful family.MORE

Jewels: The curtain rises on a stage resplendent with brilliant gems, and you feel a collective gasp around you.
New York City Ballet
Jewels is an exquisite beauty, impressively layering the music of three disparate composers and marrying each section to its own precious stone for an opulent experience. It is a masterpiece in a league of its own: the world's first-ever plotless full-length ballet.MORE

8 Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Needs Attention
Huffington Post
Using social media correctly involves much more than just creating profiles on the popular social media platforms. Every business is going to have different goals and objectives, therefore requiring different social media marketing strategies, but the following eight examples are universal signs that some changes need to be made:MORE

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