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April 30, 2014
Doug Parker Receives Shipley Award at the 2014 Conclave
American Gem Society - AGTA Member
Doug Parker, CG, co-owner of Balanced Diamonds is the 2014 recipient of the American Gem Society's Robert M. Shipley award. AGS members presented him with the award at their annual Conclave in San Diego, CA on April 25. Doug received the award based on his expertise and commitment to his community, personal business, the jewelry industry, and because of his outstanding service to the AGS and AGS Laboratories. MORE

Trends from Tucson: Cool colors dominate
National Jeweler
Perhaps one of the best indicators of what's to come in the year, even years, ahead for fine gemstone jewelry are the trends that pop up during them gem shows that take over Tucson every February. This year, colors on the cooler end of the spectrum seemed most popular, and a few stones were moving beyond their most well-known shades to show their versatility.MORE

Oldest Rock Speck Zeros In On Earth's Cooling Date
Discovery News
The oldest remaining grain of early Earth's original solid rock crust has now been confirmed to be a 4.374-billion-year-old old zircon crystal from Jack Hills, Australia. That age should settle a scientific debate over the accuracy of that mineral's internal clock, and cuts the time from when Earth was hit by a Mars-sized body (which led to the formation of the Moon) and the cooling and creation of Earth's first solid crust from 600 million years to 100 million years.MORE


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Leading in Business Is About Taking Risk
New York Times
Ian Harebottle is chief executive of AGTA Member, Gemfields, a diversified mining company that specializes in colored gemstones. Q. Do you remember when you became a manager? A. I am the youngest of three boys, so I think I was born a manager: I've managed everyone around me throughout my life (laughs). The first time I really had to manage others was at university when I was on the student council. It was a lot about organizing parties, functions, get-togethers; one had to create a sense of community, but you also needed sponsors, so I had to go out and meet with banks, young entrepreneurs, corporates that would support us. MORE

Doyle New York Sets World Auction Record Of $3.3 Million For A Pair Of Natural Pearls
Doyle New York
Rare and Exceptional Natural Pearls Highlighted Doyle New York's April 28, 2014 Auction of Important Jewelry Price Surpasses by $900,000 the Prior Record Price for a Pair of Natural Pearls Achieved by the Collection of Gina Lollobrigida in 2013. The Pearls Descended in the Families of Two Prominent Industrialists of America's Gilded Age and Were Accompanied by a Note Describing Them as Having Belonged to Empress Eugenie of France.

Warren Buffett to Sell Signature Diamonds at Berkshire Hathaway's Shareholders Weekend
Each year for the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting in Omaha, Neb., the company-owned, AGTA Member Borsheims Fine Jewelry and Gifts store has promotions for those fortunate enough to attend. This year the store upped the stakes for the May 3 meeting by giving shareholders the opportunity to buy a diamond laser-inscribed with Warren Buffett's signature. Some will even be able to buy Buffett-signed diamonds directly from the man himself on May 4, as he will be selling jewelry from Borsheims for the fourth consecutive year. MORE

Opals Season
The Telegraph - Luxury
The opal is the star stone of 2014 as designers fall for its elemental beauty. MORE

Who Made That? A Sad Child, on a Post-it, at the Top of Dior
Victoire de Castellane doesn't like classic. The creative director of Christian Dior's fine-jewelry line likes asymmetry, bright colors, snakes and flowers, and tries to forget she is using precious stones, such as diamonds, rubies and sapphires, so she can work "as if I were five years old," she says. "Jewels are like characters to me. I was a sad child, and with them I would travel to a different, marvelous world." MORE

Savelli & Gemfields Launch Emerald-Encrusted $244k Smartphone
Harrods has unveiled its latest Fine Jewelry Room exclusive, a collaboration between Geneva-based smartphone maker and jeweler Savelli-Genève and Gemfields, a leading minor in colored gems. Dubbed the "Emerald Night" and the "Emerald Insane," these limited-edition phones retail for $71,000 and $244,000, respectively. The 27-piece collection used a mix of emerald, brilliant, and baguette cut emeralds to make the phones shine and sparkle. Both phones run on the Android platform. MORE

5 Steps to an Effective Instagram Strategy
Business News Daily
At first glance, Instagram doesn't seem like a powerhouse lead generator. The photo-sharing app, which allows you to add filters, descriptions, locations and hashtags to pictures taken on a mobile device, is great for brand discovery and engagement. But marketers can't include clickable buy links in their product posts, as they can on other sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. MORE

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