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July 02, 2014

July’s Birthstone: Ruby
Add More Color To Your Life
Throughout most of recorded history, ruby has been the world's most valued gemstone. Even diamond was considered common in comparison to the supreme beauty and value of this glowing red gem. Named from the Latin word for its hue, ruber, ruby is the epitome of the boldest of colors: the gem of desire, passion, courage, and emotion. MORE

Star Opal
GIA - AGTA Member
Opal is best known for displaying play-of-color. It may also display asterism, though star opal has only been reported from Idaho, and a perfect six-rayed star is exceptionally rare (J.V. Sanders, "The structure of star opals," Acta Crystallographica, Vol. A32, 1976, pp. 334–338). The Bangkok laboratory recently had the opportunity to examine a transparent star opal (figure 1). The 2.39 ct light brownish yellow cabochon displayed a distinct six-rayed star. MORE

Another look behind the mining scenes
National Jeweler
The work of gemstone miners and traders and how they extract minerals from the source seems to be a popular theme for documentaries these days. After taking a look at the Sharing the Rough project earlier this year, which follows the story of one gemstone from mine to market, I recently found out about another cool film along the same lines that just was released. MORE


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Bring it to Life with high quality single stones, matched pairs, and suites from Gem 2000.

From all major world sources, we offer you well cut, bright and fine red Ruby in vibrant single stones in a wide range of size and shape, as well as matched pairs and some melee. Always a beautiful red at all price points.

For over 27 years, Gem 2000 has been importing fine gems from all world sources in a large range of materials, offering exceptional service and expertise to our customers.

Pamela Huizenga: Conversation
Contemporary Design Jewelry Group
The first thing you notice about AGTA Member, Pamela Huizenga's jewelry is the color. A shifting kaleidoscope; a mosaic of hues. Pamela Huizenga isn't just a fan of color, or a handler of color: she’s a savant. Somehow the gradients, the nuances, even (especially?) the gemstone's internal imperfections are just right. She makes color sing. MORE

The Gold Box
"We sell our name," says Toby Joseph, summing up the strategy that has been at the heart of family-owned, AGTA Member, Josephs Jewelers in Des Moines, Iowa, for over a century. Toby, co-owner along with his brother John, explains that their name takes on special significance - the majority of the diamond and gemstone jewelry they sell is nonbranded, original designs. MORE

The Emergence of Modern Jewelry, From 1960 Through 1998
The Ganoskin Project
The Jewelry Museum of Pforzheim possesses one of the most remarkable collections of modern jewelry. This exhibition of works, which is divided into four decades, offers a captivating view of the emergence and development of an entirely new jewelry philosophy. Its way paved by a few forerunners, this philosophy has now taken hold worldwide among the avant-garde in the world of jewelry. MORE

The American Gem Society Launches GoTo Guilds
American Gem Society - AGTA Member
The American Gem Society (AGS) recently launched a virtual Guild, open not just to AGS members, but to any members of the trade interested in coming together—virtually. Peter Yantzer, Executive Director of AGS Laboratories, will kick-off the first GoTo Guilds meeting with his presentation, "Light Performance 101," an in-depth primer on the American Gem Society's ground breaking Light Performance Cut Grade. MORE

WJA Announces 2014 Member Grant Awards
The Women's Jewelry Association announced that it has awarded $13,000 in member grants to women around the country for 2014. Member Grants are awarded to female, professional-level, WJA members in good standing, in increments of $500 to be used toward professional growth. MORE

Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing, What's the Difference?
Marketing jargon is enough to drive anyone mad these days. Marketers themselves are hard pressed to keep up with their own latest lingo. One such confusing example is defining the difference between social media marketing and content marketing. As in all good marketing, it boils down to objectives and strategy. MORE

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