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July 30, 2014

AGTA Spectrum Awards™ are coming soon...
The AGTA Spectrum Awards™ celebrate what happens when we combine the unimaginable power of nature with the unlimited reach of the imagination. A perfect pairing of gemstones and settings is not an everyday occurrence. In fact, it may happen once in a life time! Deadline for entry is September 19th. Click here to access more information and an entry form. MORE

Jewelry Career Readiness Initiative's Impact on the Future of the Jewelry Industry
DCA - AGTA Member
The Diamond Council of America has announced the launch of a new program for high school students, the DCA Jewelry Career Readiness Initiative. The initiative involves licensing high schools to offer classes that incorporate DCA courses, and establishing a referral service that links program graduates with DCA members. MORE

Cultured Pearl Market Update
GIA - AGTA Member
Fran Mastoloni (Mastoloni Pearls, New York City) updated us on the cultured pearl market during the AGTA show. He explained that for the past two years, the emphasis has been on long necklaces, double strands, and mixing different sizes, colors, and types of cultured pearls. These trends have reenergized the market, making pearls "fun to wear again." MORE


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GEM 2000, Importers of Fine Gems

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Red ruby alert: Major stores selling gems 'filled with glass'
Today News
It's July, and if you have a birthday this month, the ruby is your birthstone. Rubies have been called the "king of gems," symbolizing strength, power and love. And they don't come cheap. You can buy them at just about every major department store. But a Rossen Reports investigation found that some of the "rubies" in those display cases may actually be filled with cheap glass. With hidden cameras rolling, the Rossen Reports team went shopping for ruby jewelry at New York City-area outlets of four major retailers, joined by Antoinette Matlins, professional gemologist and author of "Jewelry & Gems: The Buying Guide." The team bought ruby rings at Lord & Taylor, Macy's and Littman Jewelers, and a ruby pendant at JCPenney, paying thousands of dollars. MORE

Gemstone Spotlight: Yael Designs
National Jeweler
Award-winning San Francisco-based, AGTA Member, Yael Designs creates its standout pieces with recycled gold and designs them to be elegant and expressive pieces of fine jewelry, according to the company. During Las Vegas market week, the brand unveiled several new designs using gemstones rich in color, including emerald, fire opal, tanzanite, rubellite and more. MORE

Amanda Gizzi Trend Session
One of the first take-aways from Amanda's session for me was that we’re going to be hearing a lot about texture from the fashion and jewelry worlds, as opposed to sleek. Yes, there are a couple of trends that create minimalist, bold looks by avoiding textured metal, but overall, fashion is moving toward styles with more substance, and textures add dimension to both clothing and jewelry. Amanda listed 14 current/upcoming jewelry trends, and I thought every one was on-point. MORE

Are we selling gemstones or paper?
Mayer & Watt - AGTA Member
One of the most wonderful aspects of being a colored gemstone dealer is that one has never seen the "best". There can always be a better color, a new find of a classic material or very occasionally a new gemstone. In diamonds, D Flawless is the best. It is definitive, end of story and as such, diamonds are well suited to certification and grading. The diamond industry has profited from certification and on the other side of the coin, has also trapped itself within the world of Rappaport. MORE

Social Media Tips to Make Your Event a Success
Business News Daily
Whether it's a launch party, a conference or a networking event, companies have been hosting and marketing live events for decades. In the age of social media, spreading the word about an event is easier - and more beneficial to your brand - than ever. MORE

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