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August 13, 2014
AGTA Announces the 2015 AGTA Spectrum Awards™ Judges
The American Gem Trade Association is excited to announce its panel of judges for the 2015 AGTA Spectrum Awards™. The expert panel of judges all hail from different facets of the jewelry industry, and will meet in October to judge the world-renown colored gemstone and pearl jewelry competition, along with the AGTA Cutting Edge Awards™, which features loose colored gemstones. This year's judges are... MORE

Color Phenomena of Blue Amber
GIA - AGTA Member
Amber is fossilized tree resin used for jewelry, decoration, medicine, and perfume. Specimens with inclusions of insects and plants are of great scientific significance and highly esteemed by collectors. Amber is usually yellow to brown, and some specimens display red to brownish red or reddish brown colors. Blue amber is rare, found mainly in the Dominican Republic with some production from Indonesia and Mexico. MORE

Jewelry Sales Have Risen for 2+ Years
JCK - AGTA Member
The gains have been slow and steady but will likely continue, predicts Sarah Quinlan, senior vice president of market insights for MasterCard Advisors, which produces SpendingPulse. "It feels permanent to buy jewelry," she says. "Many people today can't afford to buy homes. We are seeing new home sales dropping. But we do see discretionary income rising, like spending on restaurants and travel. People want to invest in something that is pleasurable to wear." MORE


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GEM 2000, Importers of Fine Gems

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Fall's Top Color Combo (Not Black-and-White?)
Instore Magazine - AGTA Member
What started as a jewelry trend, has become fashion's leading duo-color direction for fall: the red-and-black mix. When I wrote, awhile back, about red gems set in black metal as, by far, one of the freshest jewelry looks, who knew red-and-black would, in fact, become fashion's prevailing pairing, too? MORE

For customers, 8 tips for traveling with jewelry
National Jeweler
As families scramble to fit in that last summer getaway before the season comes to a close, now is the time for jewelers to go beyond the sale and provide customers with advice on keeping their baubles safe while traveling. Many experts recommend leaving expensive jewelry in a secure place at home while on vacation, such as a safe deposit box. MORE

Queensland opals still in demand internationally, local miners say
Yahoo! News
Opal miners in the state's west say while rising costs of production and exploration are stifling their sector, the Queensland boulder opal still attracts international interest. Gem traders from as far afield as Germany have been in western Queensland in July, buying stones for markets in Europe, Asia and the United States. MORE

Tiffany & Co. Launch The Colour & Splendour Collection
Famed for its mesmerising and iconic jewellery ranges, Tiffany & Co. now present the Colour & Splendour collection, available to view exclusively at Harrods until Sunday 24th August. Featuring eye-catching statement pieces created with unique gemstones, this range has been handcrafted by master artisans and is a fine tribute to Tiffany's 175th anniversary, which took place in 2013. MORE

Louis Vuitton Acte V Jewelry Collection
Apart from their leather accessories, we have also been floored by their jewelry collection. Louis Vuitton's recently launched Acte V jewelry collection is more like a collection of dazzling art pieces. The French luxury fashion label's fifth high jewelry collection pays tribute to the iconic V shape. Each piece from the collection spells out Vuitton with this V motif which also indicates the number five. Inspired by the Art Deco era, the entire range of over 20 pieces comprises of exceptional necklaces, earrings, cuffs as well as rings. LV's devoted female clients can add some oomph as well as color to their jewelry trunk by picking one or more exceptional piece from this collection. MORE

The Top 10 Benefits Of Social Media Marketing
To some entrepreneurs, social media marketing is the "next big thing," a temporary yet powerful fad that must be taken advantage of while it's still in the spotlight. To others, it's a buzzword with no practical advantages and a steep, complicated learning curve. MORE

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