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August 20, 2014
Expert to Present on Ancient Astrological Gems and Talismans
GIA - AGTA Member
Gems have held symbolic significance in many cultures for centuries. Richard S. Brown, a leading expert in planetary gemology, will discuss ancient astrological gems and talismans during GIA's (Gemological Institute of America) next Gemstone Gathering in Bangkok on Aug. 27. MORE

Burma Bits
Pala International - AGTA Member
On August 11 and August 13, global intelligence firm Stratfor posted two Field Notes blog entries regarding life for people on both sides of the Burma–China border. These people have the same ethnicity: China's Jinghpaw are akin to Burma's Kachin, although the anonymous author found that Jinghpaw see themselves as Chinese first; vice versa for the Kachin. The report contrasts the good old days of jade's "golden age" of border porosity with the present clampdown by Burma's military. Profiled is Xiao Liu who, while only in his early twenties, already has seen a windfall—a three-thousand-dollar investment had paid off x100—and a near-downfall—being detained by Shan soldiers near Myitkyina, which could have cost him his life had the soldiers been Burma military. MORE

The 2014 Emmy Awards: More of the Same or New Jewelry Trends to Delight?
JCK - AGTA Member
Award shows are so exciting. So exciting, in fact, that I was a week ahead and disappointed to find that the 2014 Emmy Awards did not, in fact, occur this past Sunday. The good news about that is now there is time to contemplate and predict the looks that we'll soon be loving, loathing, and debating from the red carpet. It's fun, too, like our own little game, guessing the jewelry trends that will be displayed by the stars who come into our living rooms each night via the television, delighting our imaginations and providing water-cooler talking points for many mornings to come. Truly, many of these jewelry predictions are disguised as wishes and hopes for what I'd personally like to see, discuss, and emulate. MORE


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Gemstone Roundtables: Educational and Profitable
American Gem Society - AGTA Member
Have you been struggling to find a way to get your clients interested in more profitable colored gemstones? A great way to get started in making more money and developing your clients into collectors is the use of gemstone roundtables. These are events that eduate your clients, create goodwill, and give you the opportunity to sell from a robust collection of beautiful and interesting colored gemstones. MORE

Inside the Csarite Mine of Turkey
National Jeweler
High in the Anatolian mountains of Turkey is a mine that is the sole source for a gemstone trending among jewelry designers in search of something different. That gem is CSARITE®, and it is not just the mysterious lure of it's source that is attracting the attention. CSARITE®, it turns out, has several features that are turning the heads of gem lovers across the globe. MORE

Tourmaline jewellery: the gemstone that touched a rainbow
The Jewellery Editor
I still remember the first time I saw a tourmaline necklace. It was in a shop that sold estate jewellery in a small, northern California mountain town. Inside the display case a strand of scintillating, watermelon-coloured stones glimmered with a fire that seemed to come from outer space. If there were a path to the stars, it would be paved with these gems. MORE

8.41-Carat Purple-Pink Diamond May Set Auction Record
Jewelry News Network
An 8.41-carat pear-shaped internally flawless fancy vivid purple-pink diamond is being priced to set a world-auction record for price per carat. It will appear as the top lot at the Sotheby's Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite Autumn Sale on October 7.The diamond is expected to fetch $12.8 to $15.4 million, or a high estimate of more than $1.8 million per carat, the highest per-carat pre-sale estimate for any pink diamond to date, according to the international auction house. MORE

For jewelry, the old no-no of mixing metals has lost its power
LA Times
Just as women once paired their bags with their shoes and toenail color matched what was on the fingertips, jewelry-wearing required choosing either all gold or all silver..No more. The hottest trend in summer jewelry is metal-mixing - pairing burnished gunmetal with bright yellow gold, pale rose gold with oxidized silver, rhodium with copper. The look can be seen stacked as bangles, layered as neck chains, dangling from ears - often with multiple metals appearing on the same piece. MORE

Social Media Marketing: Where to Begin?
The buzz on social media is that small businesses are succeeding more and more, thanks to websites like Facebook and Twitter. Of course, the buzz is all over because of social media websites. There are many reasons to utilize social media for marketing, as many business owners are already aware. Beginning to advertise can be stressful enough, but finding how and where you're going to market is another step in the direction of confusing. MORE

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