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November 26, 2014
AGTA ePrism
Tanzanite: One of December's Birthstones
Add More Color To Your Life
Exotic velvety blue with a rich overtone of purple, tanzanite is a one of a kind gem, unlike any other. Rare and valuable, tanzanite is also found only one place on the planet: the Merelani Hills of Tanzania, in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro. MORE

Unearthing Ruby and Sapphire in Malawi
GIA - AGTA Member
In 1958, a ruby and sapphire deposit was discovered about 145 kilometers south of Malawi's capital of Lilongwe on Chimwadzulu Hill. Although this is one of the oldest known gemstone deposits on the African continent, very little has been published about its production in recent years. MORE

Why is Turquoise Becoming Rarer and More Valuable Than Diamonds?
A sky-blue colored stone with a gray and gold spiderweb matrix sits melded into an intricate silver ring with engraved feathers along the sides. This one piece of jewelry may have taken years to make and is worth thousands of dollars, but the story it tells is priceless. It's the story of a stone, of a culture, a history and of tradition—the story of the Navajos. MORE

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GEM 2000, Importers of Fine Gems

Offering exceptional service and expertise
Competitive pricing, and great values
Fine Colombian, Zambian, and Brazilian single stones as well as many fine matched pairs of Emeralds
A great selection of size and shapes

Gemfields Recovers 40-Carat Ruby
Gemfields recovered a 40.23-carat rough ruby at tis Montepuez deposit in Mozambique. Given the significance of this stone, Gemfields committed to follow the gemstone from mine to market and its ultimate home. The gem was appraised in advance of Gemfields' December ruby auction in Singapore by the Gübelin Gem Lab in Switzerland. MORE

'Brilliant: Cartier in the 20th Century' At Denver Art Museum
Jewelry News Network
The Denver Art Museum is the sole venue worldwide for "Brilliant: Cartier in the 20th Century," on view till March 15, 2015. The exhibition contains more than 250 pieces of jewelry, timepieces and precious objects produced between 1900 and 1975. MORE

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Mummy wearing jewellery discovered in Egypt
Business Standard
A 4,000-year-old female mummy nicknamed "Lady of the Jewels" wearing her ornaments has been discovered by Spanish archaeologists on the west bank of the river Nile in southern Egypt. MORE

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men: Liven up his shirts with these fun and festive cufflinks for men
The Jewellery Editor
Cufflinks have a reputation for being a failsafe but not especially exciting present, topping the list of Christmas gift ideas for men. MORE

How To Be More Effective At Social Media Marketing in 2015: Interviews With Two Experts
Search Engine Journal
Cynthia and Dennis share two very unique perspectives on how to be a more effective at social media marketing. Cynthia takes a more holistic approach in providing tips to grow your audience, while Dennis takes a more scientific approach in discussing the sophisticated ways in which you can market to your audience on Facebook. MORE

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