May 27, 2015

It's Here: A Resource From The Source You Trust
Color is the ticket to greater profit margins, and the AGTA is the authority on color in the United States and Canada. The AGTA's concise 16-page Gemstones & Enhancements brochure is a valuable retail consumer tool to ensure your compliance with gemstone enhancement disclosure. MORE

June Birthstone: Cultured Pearls
Add More Color To Your Life
Nothing is as elegant as a simple strand of pearls against a black dress. But cultured pearls today have an exciting range of colors, sizes and shapes that make them ideal for a wide range of jewelry. MORE

New trend: a wave of blue gemstones at the Couture Show Las Vegas evokes the colours of the sea
The Jewellery Editor
Whether evoking the warm, clear waters of the Mediterranean or the icy blue tones of the Atlantic, blue gemstones are everywhere this year. And from tanzanite to turquoise, blue sapphire to iolite, the Couture Show Las Vegas is no exception. MORE

Ray Griffiths
For Future Reference
When you first see AGTA Member, Ray Griffiths' work, you might be tempted to think that he's some stodgy old master jeweler. Because, honestly, the attention to detail is incredible, the craftsmanship is sublime and the overall vibe is one of divine elegance. MORE

Cindy's TrendTracker: Dendritic agate
National Jeweler
Dendritic agate, or "tree agate" as it is so aptly named in some places, has been popping up a lot lately. Opaque and milky stones are having their trend moment and we think this somewhat translucent leafy stone (and her cousin dendritic quartz) is adding interest to the trend. MORE

Blue Sapphire Gem Facts That You Want to Know
About Style
Absolutely. Ranked 9 on the Moh's scale of hardness (of 1 to 10, with 10 being the hardest) the only other natural gem in the world that's harder is a diamond. It is one of nature's most durable gemstones. MORE

Elizabeth Taylor's Bulgari emeralds and diamonds
Diamonds In The Library
Last week, Bulgari held a party at which they displayed several of Ms. Taylor's most famous Bulgari pieces. This is enough of an excuse for me to talk about her. MORE

Why You Should Get Serious About Social Media Automation
Business 2 Community
Don't you wish you had a few extra hours in your day? Your to do list keeps getting longer and longer, and your stress levels are rising. Something needs to get pushed back. MORE