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July 08, 2015
AGTA ePrism

AGTA Releases Revised Code of Ethics
Since its inception in 1981, knowledge, integrity and ethics has been the foundation of the American Gem Trade Association. In 1983, AGTA codified these standards in its first Code of Ethics and Fair Business Practices. This document established the most demanding standards for professional conduct, not just in the colored gemstone and cultured pearl trade, but in the entire jewelry industry. MORE

Gemstone Spotlight: Goshwara
National Jeweler
More and more, today's consumer is looking for pieces that are rare and unique. They want to know that their jewelry is exclusive to them. This definitely has been true for AGTA Member, Goshwara, the brand told National Jeweler at the recent Couture show, and that is why the brand is focusing a little more on creating jewels that speak to the consumer.

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Ten Talented Women - JA's First All-Female New Designer Gallery?
After seeing a list of exhibitors in the "New Designer Gallery" at the upcoming JA-New York jewelry show (July 26-28), I realized that, this year, all are women. Obviously, this testosterone-light roster is, simply, a coincidence.

The history of pearls: an in-depth look at one of nature's greatest miracles and its use in pearl jewellery through the ages
The Jewellery Editor
Known as the "Queen of Gems", pearls have been coveted for thousands of years. Find out all you need to know about the world's oldest gem here.

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Timeless Art Deco Jewelry
Jewelry News Network
Art Deco is one of the most iconic visual arts design eras. Known for its bright colors, bold geometric patterns and lavish ornamentation and symmetry, it flourished from approximately the 1920s to 1935 all over the world, appearing on everything from buildings and cars to appliances and interiors.

Gem and Jewelry Executives Convene During GIA’s Global Leadership Program at Harvard Business School
GIA - AGTA Member
For the second year in a row, senior gem and jewelry executives gathered at Harvard Business School (HBS) in Cambridge, MA to discuss challenges facing the industry during GIA’s Global Leadership Program. MORE

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Breakfast With Rapaport
After rousing the audience at the annual Rapaport Breakfast with a hearty "good morning," Martin Rapaport dove straight into the state of the diamond industry, which he describes as being in a "critical period." MORE

Social Media Marketing Tactics You're Ignoring
Social Barrel
Every inexperienced social media marketer makes it sounds easy that the more you post on your social media accounts, the more traffic you'll receive. But it's really not that easy. If you're still new in this arena, you need to spend more time learning the proper tactics on how to do it properly.

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Step inside the Diamond Council Reading Room!

The Diamond Council of America invites AGTA members to visit our online Reading Room, which features a library of articles, videos and other resources to help your business thrive.


IGI, the Standard
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in Gemology
since 1975

IGI, a worldwide gemological laboratory, providing objective and accurate grading, identification and appraisal reports for gemstones and fine jewelry along with laser inscription and educational courses
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