July 29, 2015

Video: AGTA Spectrum Awards™
The AGTA Spectrum Awards™ is considered the most respected and prestigious creative award for the design industry. AGTA Spectrum Awards™ have been honoring artistic excellent for over two decades. The deadline for the 2016 Spectrum Awards™ is September 18, 2015 and the New York drop off is October 6, 2015. Please visit www.agta.org/awards for more information. MORE

August's Birthstone: Peridot
Add More Color To Your Life
The fresh lime green of peridot is its distinctive signature. The color of most gems is caused by traces of other elements but the color of peridot is an integral part of its structure. If you love citrus tones or earth tones, you'll find that peridot is an integral part of your jewelry wardrobe. Its spring green color also is ideal with sky blue. MORE

WJA names 2015 Awards for Excellence winners
National Jeweler
The Women's Jewelry Association announced the winners of its 2015 Awards for Excellence live in New York last night. Beginning last year, the WJA kept the names of winners a secret until the night of its annual gala, and the organization continued that tradition this year. MORE

ICA Appoints Gemstone Expert Gary Roskin as Executive Director
The International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) announced on Tuesday that it had appointed gem and jewelry expert Gary Roskin as its executive director, effective August 4. MORE

Iridescent Opals Take the Spotlight in These Jewelry Designs [SLIDESHOW]
Robb Report
At once mysterious and mesmerizing, the opal—whose name is thought to originate from the Greek term opallios, which means "color changing"--has entranced us for centuries and is still thought by many to have protective cosmological powers. See AGTA Members, Sutra, K. Brunini Jewels and Erica Courtney. MORE

An Introduction to Gem Treatments
GIA - AGTA Member
As a consumer, you will regularly encounter in the marketplace gems that have been treated to change their appearance. A topic that often comes up is whether a particular gemstone is or isn't treated. In a sense, humans alter all gem materials after they are found in the earth in order to prepare them for use in jewelry. MORE

Kara Ross Petra rings are a tapestry of textures and colours
The Jewellery Editor
American jeweler, AGTA Member, Kara Ross creates energetic contrasts with the primordial energy of rough gems juxtaposed with the smooth sensuality of polished stones. MORE

7 key marketing steps to make social media work for you
The Business Journals
Social media is an integral component of any marketing campaign. Sometimes, social media is used exclusively to achieve great results. As a professional speaker in the area of social media and technology, I find that, when done right, social media can build your business more cost effectively than traditional means. MORE