November 11, 2015

Big News: AGTA Spectrum Awards 2017
Spectrum is moving to July 2016. Start spreading the news! MORE

The Inside Scoop on Custom Jewellery
Western Living Magazine
It's no wonder Kitsilano's Costen Catbalue Goldsmith + Design has acquired international renown. The Vancouver-based boutique combines the creative talents of Andrew Costen and Mary Ann Buis, two of today's most prestigious jewellery designers. MORE

AGTA American Gem Trade Association Spectrum 2016 Award winners
Fashion Edits
The American Gem Association held it's annual press day Monday October 26th at Ramscale Studio penthouse. To honor excellence in Jewelry design and Lapidary, from designers in and around the USA whose work utilizes natural colored gemstones and cultured pearls. The day was perfect and clear. With the statue of Liberty as the back drop and the sun gleaming through the penthouse windows. It was a perfect day for gem watching. MORE

No Gem Unturned: 2016 AGTA Spectrum Awards
My Life On & Off The Guest List
Once again, it was time to surround ourselves with the ultimate indulgence, immeasurably gorgeous gems and jewelry. Won't you please join us in salivating over the extraordinary pieces from the 2016 AGTA Spectrum Awards. MORE

Gemstone trends: cool colours and cuts for 2016
The Jewellery Editor
There is no doubt that, when it comes to jewellery trends, the popularity of coloured gemstones has skyrocketed. No longer are the windows along Bond Street or Place Vendôme achromatic pockets of diamonds, but bouquets of colour, and according to Bonhams, the prices achieved for coloured gemstone jewellery have risen 2,200% in the past 10 years. MORE

The Big BIG News About Ear Climbers
Just before summer of 2014, I blogged here in an article entitled "No Ear Climbers? Bad Non-Move." As anticipated, a good number of readers responded to that blog, telling me they thought climbers were ugly—some saying they looked like caterpillars. Well, as time has shown us over this past year-and-a-half--despite the larvae references--many more ear climbers have crawled onto the scene. MORE

The secret life of gemstones
Cosmos Magazine
Los Angeles-based artist Danny Sanchez is a photographer of alien landscapes. But the weird worlds he captures are not far-flung moons or planets – he glimpses otherworldly spaces inside gemstones. MORE

Blue Moon & Queen Maria-José Ruby Lead Highlights at Sotheby's Geneva Sale
Jewels du Jour
Sotheby's Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels sale is jam-packed with incredible jewel after incredible jewel. Leading the 500-lot sale is the exceedingly rare and outrageously beautiful Blue Moon diamond. This rare wonder, graded Fancy Vivid Blue and Internally Flawless, was unearthed at the Premier Mine at Cullinan – owned by Petra Diamonds – in South Africa, the only known mine today for producing blue diamonds with some regularity. MORE

4 Ways To Boost Your Social Media Presence
You've taken the time to set up social-media accounts for your business on all the major sites. You're posting regularly, taking the time to interact with your customers and using your social-media platforms as an opportunity to share information about your products or services. MORE