March 09, 2016

Emerald dreams
Jewellery Business
Early Indian legends offer one explanation for the creation of emeralds. It is embodied in the story of Fura and Tena, two humans created by the god, Ares, to populate the earth. MORE

WJA Reveals Additional Programming for In the Know Conference
Signet Jewelers and Tiffany & Co. are among jewelry industry players committing to help stop wildlife trafficking activities in the U.S. through a new agreement among corporations in the country. MORE

Designer Lives: Jennifer Dawes
When she was 17, AGTA Member, Jennifer Dawes had a transcendental experience - in metalsmithing class. As she was touching the materials and learning how to manipulate them, she realized that she never wanted to do anything else. MORE

Signet, Tiffany among Members of New U.S. Wildlife Trafficking Alliance
The Women's Jewelry Association announces the winners of its 2016 Shining Star awards, which annually recognize a member from each regional chapter who has given extraordinary service to her chapter in the previous year. MORE

Sell With A Story: Turquoise
Stuller, Inc. - AGTA Member
One of the world's most ancient gems, turquoise comes in a variety of colors that stretch from a gorgeous rich blue to green and brown. MORE

Birthstone Jewelry: 15 Drool-Worthy Aquamarine Jewels
JCK Online
If aquamarine really does have a soothing influence, some of that is likely due to the beauty of the stone itself. According to GIA, "Faceted aquamarine is often exceptionally transparent with vitreous luster," so when it sparkles it does so brightly! MORE

Revolutionizing jewellery design with 3D printing
The Jewellery Editor
With new breakthroughs in technology, printing solid gold jewellery is now a reality, discovers Rachael Taylor. MORE

Why You Need to Humanize Your Social Media Marketing
Marketing Profs
The social media marketing landscape is constantly evolving with new networks, widgets, and tools. The way marketers approach social media strategically, however, hasn't changed much. MORE