March 23, 2016

AGTA Spectrum Awards™ Move to Summer 2016
The American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) announced that the prestigious annual design competition, the AGTA Spectrum Awards™, is moving to Summer 2016. MORE

#BeTheChange: The Jewelry Industry Summit March 2016
I just returned from the first inaugural Jewelry Industry Summit, March 11-13 2016, in New York City. I came to the Summit thinking that I want to be part of the dialogue about responsible sourcing in the jewelry industry, and was curious about how this conference might work. MORE

Sapphires soar as they become the must-have gem for 2016
DIAMONDS may be forever... but sapphires are soaring, at least when it comes to marking an engagement for increasing numbers of couples, according to Bonhams. MORE

Straight Up? The Newest Bar Necklaces Are Vertical
Personally, I like how a horizontal bar necklace does that fun 'n sexy side-to-side sweep at the clavicle. MORE

Unexpected Ways to Wear Pearls at Your Wedding
Martha Stewart Weddings
If you think pearls are old-fashioned, it's time to think again! The coolest jewelers are embracing the classic stone in unexpected ways. MORE

12 Jewelry Trends for 2016: Ethically Sourced Jewels
JCK Online
The annual list of 12 Jewelry Trends for 2016 serves as a guideline for store purchases in the new year, highlighting pieces and materials trending now, based on the clothing, color, red carpet, and real-life influences at work in the market. Ethically sourced jewels are the ninth trend on the list. MORE

Tips For Carving Opals
International Gem Society
Opal is a delight to cut but can present a number of challenges. Some of these can be overcome with carving techniques and a little imagination. MORE

How to Build and Strengthen B2B Relationships with Social Media Marketing
Business 2 Community
You know social media is a great tool for growing your business and connecting with customers, but social media can be a great way to establish or strengthen your business to business relationships as well. MORE