June 01, 2016

AGTA & JA to Add Spinel as an Official Birthstone for August
The American Gem Trade Association (AGTA), the authoritative source on natural colored gemstones, and Jewelers of America (JA), the national trade association for businesses serving the fine jewelry marketplace, have announced that spinel will join the official list of birthstones as an additional gemstone for the month of August. MORE

Maximize Your Exposure by Entering the 2016 Summer AGTA Spectrum Awards™!
The AGTA Spectrum Awards™! hosts an Editors' Day Event that brings in many industry editors, consumer fashion publication editors, lifestyle and fashion bloggers and social media ambassadors to the event location in New York City to see ALL of the Spectrum entries! MORE

June Birthstone: Cultured Pearls
Add More Color To Your Life
Nothing is as elegant as a simple strand of pearls against a black dress. But cultured pearls today have an exciting range of colors, sizes and shapes that make them ideal for a wide range of jewelry. MORE

Rocks On: What Keeps Peridot Popular
National Jeweler
Peridot has come to be something of a staple gem. Its popularity started with mining in ancient times and continues today as the birthstone for August. MORE

US set to renew, but tweak, sanctions against Myanmar
The Big Story
The U.S. business lobby says it is high time to drop the remaining U.S. sanctions on Myanmar, but human rights activists and U.S. lawmakers say not so fast. MORE

Jewels at my Doorstep: Greenwich St. Jewelers
Gem Gossip
Congrats to AGTA Member, Greenwich Jewelers, or should I say Greenwich St. Jewelers, who, after 40 years in business, has gotten a new name and a few other "enhancements" to their brand. MORE

Talking Color with Caroline Chartouni
Gem Scene
Award-winning designer of original and unique pieces of colorful gemstone jewelry, Caroline Chartouni sits down with GemScene to explain her philosophy of using color in her creations. MORE

Social selling: The follow through to social media marketing
Marketing Interactive
The social media marketing bandwagon has been around for a few years. Marketers these days are now savvy about their audience experience on social platforms. MORE