June 29, 2016

The Chameleon: Known for her diverse characters, Erika Christensen takes on her most colorful yet in AGTA Spectrum Awards™ jewelry.
PR Newswirez
The first time Erika Christensen wore exquisite jewelry, "I got it," the actress says. MORE

The Colors That Dominated Las Vegas
National Jeweler 10XBlog
After spending days walking the show floors in Las Vegas, it can be pretty easy for things to start to blend together. You feel like you've seen almost every gemstone and a very comprehensive set of designs. MORE

WJA Announces 2016 Member Grant Awards
The Women's Jewelry Association (WJA) announced that it has awarded its first Charlotte Preston "Gets It Done" grant, a special $1,000 award co-funded by WJA and its Twin Cities chapter. MORE

$2 Million to be Distributed to Three Major Causes from Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company
Yahoo! Finance
Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company wants consumers to help decide how to spend a record breaking $2 million it will donate to three important causes this summer: health, home and hunger. MORE

Independent Jewelry Designers Shine At JCK Las Vegas Trade Show
Jewelry News Network
One could make an argument that independent jewelry designers are the backbone of the jewelry industry. MORE

Stealing Some of the Spotlight: Drama-Queen Rings
Indesign Jewelry
As you know jewelry trends co-exist with each other, and two simultaneously hot directions can often be complete opposites. MORE

5 Questions for Aires Jewelers' Christopher Arends
As a modern independent fine jewelry retailer, AGTA Member, Aires Jewelers', it's no small thing to celebrate 70 years in business. MORE

8 SEO and Social Media Trends You Need to Know About
If you haven't taken a scrutinizing look at your SEO and social media strategies lately, now's a good time to take inventory and see where you fall in relation to the latest trends and tactics in the industry. MORE