December 21, 2016

Join AGTA at the 2017 AGTA Coyote Classic 5K!
All donations and registration fees support Special Olympics Arizona! MORE

January's Birthstone: Garnet
Add More Color To Your Life
Break open a pomegranate: see the tiny glossy red seeds? Now you can see why garnet comes from the Latin name of pomegranate, granatum. MORE

5 Big Developments in the Gem World in 2016
National Jeweler
The colored gemstone market is dependent on a number of factors that are quite fluid-- supply, consumer demand and purchasing habits, economic and political factors--so that within the span of a year, a lot can change. MORE

Gemstone trading activity expected to increase in post-sanctions Myanmar
Oxford Business Group
The removal of US financial and trade sanctions on Myanmar could give the country's mining industry a boost, with American buyers expected to return to the precious stones market following a period of sluggish trading. MORE

Jewelers Seek to Overcome Weak Numbers in 2016 Holiday Season
GIA - AGTA Member
Year-end forecasts remain mixed as large jewelry operations, including Blue Nile, reported tepid sales numbers as the holiday season began. MORE

Can This Woman Turn Around Tiffany?
See AGTA Member, Tiffany and Company, featured in this article! Rather than the diamond-lined styles of the past, the new Tiffany Prism collection is a set of audacious spheres bursting with colored gemstones and inspired by Louis Comfort Tiffany's stained glass work. MORE

The Best Kind of Treasure Hunt: All You Need to Know About Shopping For Vintage and Estate Jewelry
From Marni's oversized pearl drop earrings to Etro's charm bracelets and Alexander McQueen's extravagant chokers, there was no shortage of Old-World-inspired statement jewelry on this season's runways. MORE

What Marketers Need To Know About Social Media And Gen Z
This immediate availability of information, and ease with which they can access it, has completely shaped the way gen Z engages with brands, makes purchase decisions and connects with their peer networks. MORE