March 08, 2017

WJA’s In the Spotlight Comes to Dallas!
AGTA welcomes the WJA membership to the Lone Star State!MORE

AGS Announces 2017 Circle of Distinction Honorees
AGS – AGTA Member
The American Gem Society (AGS) announced today that it will honor three esteemed leaders in the jewelry industry at its annual Circle of Distinction dinner on Tuesday, July 25th at the historic Plaza Hotel in New York City.MORE

JVC Announces New President And CEO Tiffany Stevens Takes On New Position
JVC – AGTA Member
JVC announces the appointment of Tiffany Stevens as the new President and CEO of the JVC.. MORE

Details for the 2017 AGTA Spectrum Awards™ Released
Jewellery Business
The American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) has released the deadlines for the 2017 Spectrum Awards. MORE

Extraordinary Gems You’ve Never Heard Of: Spinel
Robb Report
See AGTA Member, Oscar Heyman featured in this article. Spinel’s are often called the great imposters of the gem world for their cunning ability to masquerade as rubies and sapphires. MORE

5 Things to Know About Ammolite
Southern Jewelry News
See AGTA Member Korite International featured in this article. There’s a gemstone that’s garnering more attention that could speak to those who not only like gemstones with provenance but also with a pretty cool back story. MORE

Sell With A Story: Historic Emeralds
Stuller – AGTA Member
Let’s jump right in with the story of a 400-year old emerald that has a fascinating modern twist.MORE

How to Click With Tech-Savvy, Custom-Craving Millennial Brides & Grooms
The popularity of immersive technology like virtual reality headsets and augmented reality mobile games is a clear indication that the next wave of high-tech experiences is no longer in some far-off, sci-fi future—it’s here and now. MORE

Hundreds of Minerals Exist Solely Due to Humans, Study Finds
CBS News
Over centuries, humans have left a widening imprint on this planet, marked by a growing need for natural resources, and by the rapid expansion of agriculture and infrastructure.MORE

Five Metrics That Prove Social Media Is Working For Your Business
If you aren’t using social media for your business, you’re doing something wrong. MORE