ePrism - Aug 09, 2017
Aug 09, 2017

AGTA Announces the 2017 AGTA Spectrum Awards™ Winners!
The American Gem Trade Association is pleased to announce the winners of the prestigious 2017 AGTA Spectrum Awards™. The competition was held in New York on August 5th and 6th and is regarded as the world's preeminent colored gemstone and cultured pearl design competition. MORE

Pair of Blue Tourmalines Are AGTA Spectrum's 'Best of Show'
National Jeweler
A pair of blue tourmalines were deemed tops at the American Gem Trade Association's Spectrum Awards this past weekend. MORE

Tourmalines Take Top Prize at 2017 AGTA Spectrum Awards
A set of cool blue stones won top honors at this year's AGTA Spectrum Awards. Totaling 53.56 cts., the tourmalines (pictured), by Mikola Kukharuk of Nomad's, were named Best of Show by a panel of designers and retailers on Aug. 5 and Aug. 6. (In 2016, a trio of carved Paraiba won Best of Show honors, and in summer 2016 a suite of round brilliant Russian demantoid garnets took the prize.) MORE

50 Years of Tsavorite: A Q&A with Bruce Bridges
National Jeweler
See AGTA Member, Bridges Tsavorite, featured in this article. This year marks 50 years since the late Campbell Bridges discovered tsavorite garnet; he first found gem-quality material in 1967 in Tanzania, followed by a source in Kenya three years later. MORE

Jade Buyers Beware!
Mason Kay - AGTA Member
Jadeite jade is a lovely stone with a wonderful history and tradition in the Chinese culture. MORE

Sell With A Story - Famous Tanzanite
Stuller - AGTA Member
By human standards, tanzanite is only 50 years old. By geological measure, it's over 500 million years old. MORE

Spinel - the New August Birthstone - Has Been Fooling Royalty for Centuries
McGuires Jewelers
Fourteen months ago, the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) and Jewelers of America (JA) announced that spinel - the great imposter - would be joining peridot as an official birthstone for the month of August. MORE

13 Social Media Marketing Tips
Is your business new to Social Media? For many, venturing into the world of Social Media is like being told to visit the relative you hate. MORE