Aug 16, 2017

Colored Gems Take Center Stage In Jewelry Design And Lapidary Arts Competition
Approximately 500 jewels and gems were spread out on tables on the 13th floor of a building in lower Manhattan with large windows that exposed magnificent natural light on a crystal clear day. MORE

AGTA Announces Winners Of 2017 Spectrum Awards
Jewellery Business
The American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) has announced the winners of the 2017 AGTA Spectrum Awards, the preeminent coloured gemstone and coloured pearl design competition. MORE

The 2017 Spectrum and Cutting Edge Award Winners
Jewelry News Network
The AGTA Spectrum and Cutting Edge Awards is already the most important and prestigious colored gemstone competition in the world. MORE

My 7 Picks From The AGTA Spectrum Awards
National Jeweler
See AGTA Members, Amba Gem Corporation, Campbellian Collection, Dallas Prince Designs, little h and Omi Gems Inc., featured in this article. Being A Part Of The Agta Spectrum Competition Is The Stuff A Gem Hound's Dreams Are Made Of. MORE

10 of My Favorite Jewels from the AGTA Spectrum Awards
Jennifer Heebner
See AGTA Members, Heath London Jewelry, Nomads, Pave Fine Jewelry and Stuller, Inc. featured in this article. Every year, there's a prestigious jewelry competition that many aspire to win. MORE

Most Wanted: 7 Favorites From the AGTA Spectrum Awards
The select few who won awards, as well as those who were otherwise recognized, get top billing, deservedly so, but there were many other head-turning pieces up for consideration. MORE

Color Jewelry Is In Full Bloom
BeJeweled Mag
See AGTA Members, A. G. Gems, Inc., J.R. Dunn Jewelers, Naomi Sarna Designs, Oscar Heyman & Brothers, Pave Fine Jewelry, Samuel Sylvio Designs, and Somewhere in the Rainbow Gem and Jewelry Collection featured in this article. There are many jewelry events that I look forward to during the year. MORE

Top Ten: 2017 AGTA Spectrum Awards
Gem Obsessed
Happy Spectrum Awards! Every Year The American Gem Trade Association Celebrates A Rainbow Of Gemstones With The Agta Spectrum Awards, My Favorite Jewelry Design Competition. MORE

AGTA Spectrum Awards 2017
Adam Neeley
At their AGTA Spectrum Awards 2017, the American Gem Trade Association recognized Adam Neeley with the honor of First Place: Business / Day Wear Category for his pendant, entitled Cosmos. MORE

Choosing the Best Social Media Marketing Service
Studies have shown that over half of all shoppers are turning to the internet to research products or services before buying. MORE