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Sep 06, 2017
AGTA ePrism

AGTA Fund for Hurricane Harvey Relief
The American Gem Trade Association has announced that they will match up to $5,000 in funds from donations to Hurricane Harvey Relief. MORE

Join AGTA at WJA Jewelry Night Out Dallas
Jewelry Night Out is the Women Jewelry Association's annual celebration and membership drive that connects WJA chapters and members all across the country! MORE

September's Birthstone: Sapphire
Add More Color To Your Life
Sapphire comes from the Greek word for blue, sappheiros , and this gem provides the most beautiful blues of the gem kingdom. MORE

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Saltwater Pearls from the Pre- to Early Columbian Era: A Gemological and Radiocarbon Dating Study
GIA - AGTA Member
See AGTA Member, Gubelin Gem Lab Ltd., featured in this article. Natural pearls were recovered and treasured by the indigenous peoples of the Americas long before Columbus's voyages reached the New World. The once-abundant oyster beds of the Caribbean islands off the coast of Venezuela were heavily exploited during Spanish colonization, as pearls were harvested and shipped back to the Old World. MORE

Amanda's Style File: September Birthstones
National Jeweler
See AGTA Members, Goshwara, Jane Taylor and Lika Behar Collection, featured in this article. September comes with mixed emotions for many Americans: the end of summer is upon us, but it brings the beginning of glorious fall. MORE

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Thrice as Nice
See AGTA Members, Bernard Nacht & Company, Inc., Le Vian Corp., Omi Gems, Inc. and Zorab Atelier de Creation - USA, Inc., featured in this article. The Triple Crown. A trilogy. The Three Stooges. The Sanderson Sisters (it's Hocus Pocus time, after all). Any number of good, exciting, and funny things come in threes, and these jewels prove that without exception. MORE

10 Jewelry Designers Setting Trends in SoCal
Robb Report
See AGTA Members, Arunashi and Spinelli Kilcollin, featured in this article. Whether you take the 10, the 405, or PCH, all LA roads lead to exceptional jewelry designers. MORE

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These Luxe Diamonds And Precious Gems In Vibrant Hues Are Worth The Investment
US Weekly
A rainbow of color comes to fine jewelry! Celebs like Rihanna and Busy Phillips can attest this bold bauble trend is a hit. Shop the best diamonds, rubies, opals, emeralds and more that will dazzle for a lifetime. MORE

3 Ways Social Media Marketing Can Help Grow Your Small Business
CBS Los Angeles
Since the beginning of this decade, social media has grown from a fringe marketing strategy to a core component of marketing in businesses of all sizes. MORE

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Step inside the Diamond Council Reading Room!

The Diamond Council of America invites AGTA members to visit our online Reading Room, which features a library of articles, videos and other resources to help your business thrive.



IGI, the Standard
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IGI, a worldwide gemological laboratory, providing objective and accurate grading, identification and appraisal reports for gemstones and fine jewelry along with laser inscription and educational courses

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