October 03, 2018

Don’t Miss these Gems at the 2019 AGTA GemFair™ Tucson!
AGTA GemFair™ Tucson is one of greatest marketplaces in the world, where a buyer can shop with ease and confidence... quality, value and a vast selection from sources that are trustworthy. MORE

These Colored Engagement Rings Will Make You Forget All About Diamonds
The wedding industry might be doing its very best to convince us that we need a diamond engagement ring, but there's been a serious uptick in colored gemstones when it comes to engagement ring trends. MORE

Why it's Essential to Know Your Jewelry's "Ingredients"
Robb Report
As consumers, we have every right-if not a responsibility-to know the origins of the jewelry we're buying, but not everyone knows what to ask. MORE

Rare Treat: Dufty Weis Opals Headed to the Berkshires
See AGTA Member, DuftyWeis Opals, Inc. featured in this article! McTeigue & McClelland, the luxury jeweler with an atelier in the Berkshires and a showroom in Manhattan, is hosting a special event at its Great Barrington, Mass., flagship that will showcase some of the most extraordinary—and unusual—opals available today. MORE

The Jewels of Vicenzaoro 2018
Diamonds In The Library
I've been lucky enough to have many jewelry adventures since starting Diamonds in the Library, but VicenzaOro remains one of my very favorites. MORE

Tourmaline: Indicolite, Verdelite & Paraiba
Jeweller Magazine
While the red hues of rubellite maintain a steady appreciation, the interest and value of blue and green tourmaline was reignited with the discovery of 'Paraíba' tourmaline, STACEY LIM reports. MORE

CIBJO Releases Coral Commission Special Report, Looks at Research into Sustaining and Repopulating Precious Coral Reefs
The World Jewellery Confederation
With fewer than two weeks to go to the opening of the 2018 CIBJO Congress in Bogotá, Colombia, on October 15, 2018, the eighth and the final of the CIBJO commissions' Special Reports has been released. MORE

Determining Social Media Marketing Success
Jeweller Magazine
Analyzing the success of a business' social media marketing campaign cannot be done solely by monitoring profit or revenue. MORE