AGTA Towers Over Times Square

One component of the American Gem Trade Association's annual Spectrum Awards competition is a fashion photo shoot featuring the winning jewelry pieces. This year, AGTA was able to recruit two veteran Hollywood actresses to model the jewelry in a photo shoot styled by celebrity stylist Tod Hallman and shot by Ben Cope. Regina King, currently starring in TNT's crime drama Southland, and Illeana Douglas, of Goodfellas and Cape Fear fame, spent a day in a Los Angeles studio posing with the 2012 award-winning jewelry.

On Tuesday, January 17th, AGTA sent out an article to the press on Regina's photo shoot experience with AGTA to coincide with the season premier of Southland. (see article here) The article was accompanied by one of the photos from the shoot, featuring jewelry by Mark Schneider, Belle Brooke Barer, Manya Tessler and Adam Neeley. Along with 266 press placements around the world, the photo appeared on the Reuters boards in Times Square and Las Vegas with the caption "Southland's Regina King models AGTA Spectrum Awards jewelry."

AGTA in Times Square - January 17, 2012

AGTA in Las Vegas - January 18, 2012

AGTA on the Reuters Sign - January 17, 2012

Some Interesting Facts About the Reuters "Sign" in Times Square:

  • The Reuters sign is one of the world's largest digital signs.
  • The 11 screens on the Reuters building that make up the "Reuters sign" occupy more than 7,400 square feet.
  • The signs go up 23 stories from the ground
  • The Reuters property is in the best location in Times Square and covers the entire Southwest corner of Times Square (it is in the direction of traffic)
  • The board's exact location is 3 Times Square at the Southwest corner of 43rd Street and 7th Avenue
  • Screen Sizes: Middle Sign (headline): 23' width x 46' tall
  • Bottom Sign (photo): 35' width x 32.5' tall (490 pixels wide x 442 pixels high at 72 dpi)
  • The Reuters Sign receives over 1.5 million impressions DAILY.

Regina King wearing AGTA Spectrum Award-winning jewelry by Mark Schneider (earrings), Belle Brooke Barer (necklace), Manya Tessler (right hand ring) and Adam Neeley (left hand ring). Photo by Ben Cope.