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Nov. 2, 2011

Editors' Choice Award Winners Announced for 2012 AGTA Spectrum Awards™
Dallas, TX - November 2, 2011: The winners in the Editors' Choice category of the 2012 AGTA Spectrum Awards™ competition have been announced by the American Gem Trade Association and there was a tie for 1st Place.  Manya Tessler of Manya & Roumen and Todd Reed of Todd Reed, Inc. emerged with the same number of votes after the ballots had been cast by over 70 editors and stylists who attended the AGTA Spectrum Awards™ Media Day.  MORE




Design: Six Sparkling Finds at the AGTA
Recently we were invited to check out the American Gem Trade Association's Spectrum Award winners as well as other jewelers who have utilized colored gemstones in their collections. There were some truly incredible pieces as well as some that need to stay in the Kardashian's collection. We spoke to Adam Graham, AGTA marketing manager on the trends he noticed this year in the bling-osphere. "When looking at the entire AGTA Spectrum Awards collection, a few trends really jumped out when it came to jewelry design, one was the use of nature themes in the jewelry, from cheetahs, to birds, to fish, to spiders - nature-inspired elements were found in every category.  Another trend was the use of earthy, organic materials, such as turquoise, lapis lazuli, agate, and quartz druzy." MORE

IU Awards - The international gem-cutting and jewellery design competition
UBM Asia Ltd
Presented by The International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) and UBM Asia, the  competition began on 19th September 2011 and has received enthusiastic responses from a number of renowned industry organisations and entrants worldwide, including China, Germany, Hong Kong, Iran, Japan, Macau, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, Taiwan and USA, etc. MORE

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Another year, another AGTA Spectrum Manufacturing Honors for Yael Designs!

Spectacular 'Lava' fire opal diamond ring was recognized with Manufacturing Honors in Evening Wear! For more stunning designs and breathtaking gems, check out the Lyra Fashion collection; inspired by cosmic beauty and blooming with color. Click here to see more.

Red: Allure, Style, and Significance - A CONFERENCE IN NEW YORK
Initiatives in Art and Culture
There is no color more freighted with meaning than red. The color of anger, of passion, and less metaphorically, of blood, red is arguably the color of life itself. As the representative color of authority and courage, red has become the symbol of social sustainability. In the world of fine jewelry, the demand for, and interest in colored gemstones is at its height, with red and pink gems among the most coveted. MORE

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Bling the Noise
Guitar Aficionado (
Guitarists and guitar designers have long understood that elaborate inlays, modernistic shapes, outrageous paint finishes, mirrors, and other forms of adornment can help an instrument - and the artist that plays it - get noticed.  Recently, however, a new, upscale trend has begun to creep into guitar design: the employment of jewels and other luxury metals. MORE

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AGTA eLearning Platform - Affordable Web-based Training

The American Gem Trade Association has developed an online eLearning Platform with the sole purpose of increasing the knowledge base of the front-line sales associate. With knowledge comes confidence and with confidence comes sales. Access to the platform is FREE to AGTA members for up to five associates, then only $25 per person. Click here for more details or non-member pricing.

Much Ado with Gold: Why Platinum is Changing the Investment Mindset

Price fluctuations and production surges of precious metals have largely been determined by how investors cling to their investments. Such is the case in gold. The precious metal was practically unknown as an investment vehicle from the 1800 to 1933, selling only at $20 per ounce flat during those times. It was only during the 1970s onwards when gold became big time and gave one of its shiniest performances. The same could occur with platinum, gold's alter ego since the white metal trades more appealingly compared to the shining silver. MORE

Jewelry Designer Pamela Huizenga Supports Humane Society
Fort Lauderdale, FL, November 01, 2011 --( Member Pamela Huizenga is a jewelry designer and stone cutter specializing in unique and One-of-a-Kind jewelry using colorful gemstones, unusual fossils and rose cut diamonds. Her designs celebrate the colors, textures and imperfections found in nature and she uses them to create jewelry as individual as those who wear it. MORE

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agta eprism A Fully Integrated Precious Metals Company

Operating in over 40 locations and $1.2 billion in revenue, NTR Metals has quickly become the trusted, go-to company for precious metals refining. Contact us
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Jewelry Trend Report: Spin the Color Wheel
Haute Living
While colorations for cold weather dressing can often feel drab, strategically placed gemstones can help remedy. We've scoured the earth to bring you a selection of the mostly brightly colored baubles with which to accessorize your look, and while mixing and matching is absolutely apropos, there's something very polished about donning jewels in the same color way. MORE

Social media presents opportunities, dilemmas for retailers
USA Today
It's early on Black Friday and retailers are overrun with holiday bargain hunters when a shopper starts tweeting to friends that a store has quickly sold out of the big flat-screen televisions advertised on sale. If the national chain that owns the store is following mentions of the business on Twitter, it has choices: Does it rush more TVs to the store? Provide update tweets on which locations are sold out and which have sets in stock? The hypothetical scenario represents a slice of the opportunities and dilemmas facing retailers as the social media phenomenon changes the shape of consumer behavior. MORE

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Step inside the Diamond Council Reading Room!

The Diamond Council of America invites AGTA members to visit our online Reading Room, which features a library of articles, videos and other resources to help your business thrive.

IGI, the Standard
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IGI, a worldwide gemological laboratory, providing objective and accurate grading, identification and appraisal reports for gemstones and fine jewelry along with laser inscription and educational courses


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