Mar. 21, 2012

Only AGTA dealers sell you the fifth C…Confidence
For many people, even members of the trade, buying gemstones can be a daunting task. Many jewelers are not as familiar with colored gemstones as they are with diamonds. There is such a wide range of gemstone varieties and a range of qualities within each variety. Some gemstones are routinely treated, while others are not. So, how can we simplify the process, eliminate these concerns and allow ourselves to focus on growing our colored gemstone business? Developing the right sources is critical and the best place to start is with a Member of the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA). MORE

GIA GemFest Basel Focuses on Luxury Gemstones: Treatments, Pearls, and Diamonds
GIA's GemFest Basel, held Sunday, March 11 during the Baselworld fair, addressed some troubling issues in the high-end diamond and gem sector. Presentations during the two-hour seminar covered gem treatments and nomenclature, identification of natural vs. nucleated pearls from the Pinctada maxima oyster, and an overview of some of the major diamonds, both fancy and white, that GIA has evaluated recently. MORE

Arusha Tanzania Gem Show
The Roskin Gem News Report
A new Tanzanian four-day gem show promises to bring together premier gemstone and mineral producers from thirteen Sub-Saharan African countries all in one place. MORE

Sapphires for breakfast and rubies for dinner
Would you believe me if I told you that the time of day that you close a deal may well affect your success in the gemstone business? It's true, and it is something I learned relatively late in life. In fact it took me more than 30 years before realizing why dealers in Bangkok insisted on showing me the sapphire lots before lunch and the ruby lots only in the afternoon. MORE

The Traditional Jewelers' Loupe Goes High-Tech
Omi Gems
We've all experienced it…a customer wants to see a picture of a gemstone or jewelry design ASAP. But you have no camera, no light box and no professional photographer…so the next best thing is your cell phone camera, right?
Then for nearly 15 minutes you incessantly try to take photo after blurry photo while zooming, futzing with settings, trying new apps, and running from inside to outside hoping lighting will improve your situation. MORE

Platinum Design Awards Winners Revealed at Basel
Professional Jeweller
The Platinum Guild International hosted its third Platinum Design Awards competition at BaselWorld last week, with more than 50 entries judged by a panel of international journalists. MORE

Sotheby's Jewels Auction an Explosion of Color
Gems and Jewelry
Sotheby's Hong Kong will hold its Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite Spring Sale 2012 on April 3 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Many important and extremely rare blue and pink diamonds, Colombian emeralds, Burmese rubies and Kashmir sapphires, natural pearls and exquisite jadeite jewelry mark this auction, which altogether includes 358 lots and a total presale estimate of $75 million to $92 million (HKD 587 million to HKD 717 million). MORE

Burma Bits
Pala Gems
Last month, Burma's Central Statistical Organization released gemstone production figures for December 2011, allowing us to look at a full calendar year. (Burma's fiscal year runs April–March.) MORE

Jewels From an American Heiress
Christie's is honored to announce it has been entrusted with the sale of an exceptional collection of jewelry from the Estate of Huguette M. Clark, one of the last great heiresses of America's Gilded Age. Ms. Clark's jewelry collection, which is believed to have been stored in a bank vault since the 1940s, includes signed Art Deco jewels by Cartier, Dreicer & Co., and Tiffany & Co., including an extremely rare 9-carat pink diamond ring and a superb 20-carat D-color diamond ring. MORE

10 Top Execs Share Their Social Media Secrets
When you're occupying the C-suite, you may not have time to think about tweets, Facebook posts, Foursquare checkins and Pinterest boards. But you should.
Social media is an increasingly important tool for building brands, connecting with customers and boosting customer loyalty and engagement. All of these factors can work together to increase awareness of your brand and drive new business. Mashable asked C-suite execs from companies like Virgin, Ford and IBM for their best social media advice, which is listed below, straight from their mouths. MORE