November 20, 2013

The Smithsonian Gem and Mineral Collection
GIA- AGTA Member
"Born of fluid, heat, and pressure, minerals and gems dazzle us with their breathtaking colors, shapes, and diversity." These words welcome visitors to the gem and mineral displays at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History. As they explore-and come face to face with nature's artistry-they end up with an understanding that gemstones actually came out of the earth in beautiful-but rough-form.MORE

A Rising Appetite to Invest in Colored Diamonds
New York Times
"The Pink Star," a 59.60-carat oval cut fancy vivid pink diamond, sold on Nov. 13 for $83.2 million at a Sotheby's auction in Geneva. Described as the largest internally flawless diamond ever graded by the Gemological Institute of America, the stone was promptly renamed "The Pink Dream" by its buyer, the New York-based diamond cutter Isaac Wolf. It had been estimated at over $60 million.MORE

Trend Alert! Celebrity Engagement Rings
The Knot
We like to look towards our favorite celebs for fashion and beauty trends, so why wouldn't we take a page out of their books for engagement rings as well? From vintage styles to cushion-cuts here are the top ring trends we're loving.MORE

Gemfields Says Mozambique Mine May Produce 20% of World's Rubies
Bloomberg Businessweek
Gemfields Plc (GEM), the colored-gemstone miner that bought Faberge Ltd. this year, wants to supply a fifth of global demand for rubies from what could be the world's biggest deposit in Mozambique. The Montepuez project is estimated to contain as much as 40 percent of the world's known supply of the red-colored stones, Gemfields Chief Executive Officer Ian Harebottle said yesterday in an interview in Lusaka, the capital of neighboring Zambia.MORE

Naples's Treasure: Masterpieces of the Saint Januarius Museum
Pala International, Inc. - AGTA Member
Back in the late 1970s, your editor visited New York City for the first time (from Los Angeles), hoping to take in some of the iconic rock bands that were pushing the envelope at the time. A taxi deposited me in Little Italy in the midst of the neighborhood's San Gennaro Festival. I had my first calzone and my first elbow-to-elbow experience walking through the jam-packed stalls. Who is this San Gennaro that he could bring the bridge-and-tunnel people (including myself, lodging in Jersey) to Mulberry Street to celebrate during the ten days straddling his September 19 feast day?MORE

Stuller's president and CEO Jay Jackson announces retirement
Stuller - AGTA Member
Stuller, Inc. has announced the planned retirement of Jay Jackson, president and chief executive officer (CEO) since 2011, effective December 27, 2013. "Jay's vision, passion, and leadership during his 17-year career at Stuller have been invaluable," says Founder and Chairman Matthew Stuller. Current Chief Merchandising, Marketing and Sales Officer, Danny Clark, has been named Jackson's successor. "Danny's focused leadership and business acumen equip him to continue this organization's aggressive growth momentum," Stuller declares.MORE

What's Behind This White Christmas Forecast (in Gems)?
Instore Magazine - AGTA Member
Some words and phrases are 'so yesterday'--winter whites is one of them. If you recall, in fashion circles, the term became passé last year-as runway leaders changed the rules, and white is now year round. And finally, this year, jewelry has joined fashion in banning the concept: White semiprecious stones are no longer spring/summer-only. As if to prove the point, there's a particularly strong focus for fall/holiday on white agate, white opal, white quartz, white topaz, white sapphire, and rock crystal.MORE

Introducing '10 More Don'ts Of Corporate Social Media'
Boards are putting it on their agendas, as a reputational risk and opportunity. CEOs are puzzling over how to lead and evaluate their companies' efforts, as well as debating what their own social media profile should be. Executive Committees are reviewing metrics and messaging, and still wondering which are meaningful. Human Resource Directors are competing for Chief Digital Officers from a small pool, without always knowing who will be good for their organizations - or what "good" really looks like. And Chief Marketing Officers are trying to be cutting edge and to add value, while juggling competing demands from all stakeholders - consumers, followers, shareholders, management, and an ever-fickle and sometimes malicious public.MORE