May 06, 2015

May's Birthstone: Emerald
Add More Color To Your Life
The timeless appeal of emerald can be summed up in three words written in the year 50 AD: "Nothing greens greener." Roman historian Pliny the Elder was explaining the desire for the supreme green gem not only in Rome but throughout the ancient world. MORE

Rocks On: Pink's popularity boosts morganite
National Jeweler
The influences of fashion trends and celebrity style on the colored gemstone world can be huge, particularly when it comes to bringing forgotten gemstones to the forefront or propelling classic stones to new heights. MORE

2 Investigators: Are They Real Rubies, Or Processed Gemstones?
CBS Chicago
As you go shopping for a Mother's Day or graduation present and consider jewelry with rubies, do you really know what you're buying? MORE

Jewellery Historian
"Are" was the god-creator of all life for the Muzos, an ancient – now-exinct – indigenous Colombian population. MORE

Gemstone buyers abroad should avoid deals too good to be true
LA Times
My sister and I were in Siem Reap, Cambodia, in March, and our tour guide took us to some temples in Angkor. After the tour, he took us to a jewelry store in Siem Reap. MORE

Brag-Worthy Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Ideas
Jewelry Information Center
It's time to thank mom for all she's done for you. Mother's Day is May 10, but there's still time to shop with your local trusted jeweler to pick out a piece that represents that superhero woman in your life. MORE

Jewelry Recap of the Met Gala 2015
Jewels Du Jour
Last night's Met Gala, fashion's most anticipated event of the year, celebrated the opening of the Costume Institute's exhibition "China: Through the Looking Glass". Exploring Chinese influences on Western fashion, the exhibition set the stylistic theme of the evening with plenty of Eastern-inspired gowns and jewelry. anything goes! MORE

A Closer Look at Sarah Jessica Parker's Met Gala Jewelry
For her eighth entrance onto the Met Gala red carpet, the famously prepared guest Sarah Jessica Parker turned to jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher and stylist Erin Walsh to create the jade jewelry she wore with her H&M dress. "This design process was my most collaborative to date," says Fisher, adding, "Erin came to me early on knowing Sarah Jessica had wanted jade from the beginning." MORE

How to Make Time for Social Media Marketing
With everything else required to keep your business up and running, finding time for social media marketing can be a challenge. You know you need to do it, but trying to find the time to fit it into your already packed schedule can feel like an uphill battle. MORE