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August 19, 2015
AGTA ePrism

Watch fellow AGTA Members, AGTA GemFair buyers, colleagues and friends talk about how important color is to the jewelry industry and your business! MORE

3-D Printing: GIA Equips Students for a 'Technology Revolution'
GIA - AGTA Member
Robert Downey Jr. presents an Iron Man-inspired, prosthetic 3-D-printed arm to a young fan. The "Pancake Bot" prints intricate, customized breakfast treats directly onto a griddle. Chinese construction company WinSun creates a five-story apartment building in Shanghai with a 500-foot long 3-D printer.

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Fish and Wildlife Services Releases Proposed Ivory Regulations
American Society of Appraisers
On July 29, the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) released proposed regulations affecting the sale, transfer, donation, or other disposition of African elephant ivory. The regulations, long expected in the personal property community, prohibit the "sale or offer for sale of ivory in interstate or foreign commerce and delivery, receipt, carrying, transport, or shipment of ivory in interstate or foreign commerce in the course of a commercial activity".

Business Know-How with Marlene Richey: Trend or Fad? What’s the Difference (and Why Should You Care)?
Rio Grande - AGTA Member
Understanding the difference between a long-term trend and a short-term fad can help you align your jewelry business with consumer demand while avoiding the pitfalls of designing around passing styles that die out after a couple of seasons. But distinguishing what's a trend and what's a fad is harder than you might think. How can you tell the difference? Let's start with a few definitions.

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Ark. jeweler, Embee to cut 8-carat Crater diamond
National Jeweler
When a large, high-quality rough diamond was unearthed recently at the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas, one local jeweler didn't want to let the opportunity to hold an event involving the stone get away. MORE

Pin-Pin Situation: Brooches Make a Comeback
Just one of the jewelry takeaways from the fall 2015 runway shows: It's time to broach the brooch subject. Be sure to see AGTA Members Barbara Heinrich Studio and Alishan. MORE

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Capturing the twilight hour with Tiffany's Masterpieces
The Jewellery Editor
In its new Masterpieces 2015 collection, AGTA Member, Tiffany proves yet again it is the master of craftsmanship and diamond setting. MORE

7 Ways To Get Your Social Media Audience In A Physical Store
Social media marketing isn't just for businesses that operate exclusively online; it can also be valuable for stores with a physical presence. Typically, physically grounded stores use social media marketing to funnel traffic to their website, where people may be able to make purchases or learn more about the brand, but this isn't the only way to utilize social media marketing. MORE

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